Released May 21, 2019

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Our professional relationships are the most important asset we have. This is the playbook on how to keep them.

In the business world, it’s a well established truth that people prefer to do business with people they know. The most cost effective and high-yield route to new, repeat, and referral business is through your existing network, not through some random person you meet at a local mixer.

Leverage the power of relationships to achieve your business goals

The idea behind the book is simple. Effective relationship marketing is not about acquiring new relationships; it’s about deepening relationships with the influential and important people in your network – those centers of influence who can help you achieve your business goals and objectives. It’s about building habits and incorporating strategies that will help you deepen those relationships on a daily basis.

In order to nurture and reap the rewards of long-term personal and authentic relationships, a strategic approach is needed. Leaving it to hope won’t work.  That’s where the CAPITAL strategy comes in – a strategic approach proven tens of thousands of times over. From prioritizing their relationships to leveraging gathered intelligence, you’ll be able to put down the book and immediately implement the CAPITAL strategy to grow your business.

Resolutions are meaningless. Strategic plans win.

Advanced Praise for Success is in Your Sphere

“Zvi and Contactually have devised a clear process for helping pros keep their most valuable strongest relationships strong, in a way that I have not seen before.”

Dorie Clark, Bestselling Author or Stand Out, Entrepreneurial You, and Reinventing You

“Making connections is one thing… maintaining them is another. In today’s over-connected world, very few folks can match Zvi’s experience and expertise when it comes to fostering meaningful relationships in this new landscape.”

Jayson Gaignard, Author, Mastermind Dinners, and creator of Mastermind Talks

“What happens after you meet is the most overlooked part of building strong relationships. Networking is especially a waste of time if you don’t have a process for staying in touch with your connections. Zvi is a great resource for best approaches when it comes to deepening existing relationships.”

Derek Coburn, Author, Networking is Not Working

“I founded Mindmaven on the belief that the best things in life come from our relationships, and few people exemplify this as well as Zvi. In Success is in Your Sphere, Zvi offers an easy-to-follow system built on the most important truth about networking: It isn’t about collecting names, it’s about building relationships–and when it comes to building those relationships, Zvi’s one of the best.”

Patrick Ewers, Founder & CEO, Mindmaven | Executive Coaching for Startup CEOs & Executives

“One of the most (if not the most) valuable assets a person has is Relationship Capital. Only a few understand this asset, practice it on a daily basis and use it to build their success. Zvi is definitely one of them. His book mixes cleverly cogent advice with real stories and suggests concrete steps readers can take to build their CAPITAL.”

Itzik Amiel, International speaker | Bestselling Author “The Attention Switch”

About the Author

Zvi Band is the co-founder & CEO of Contactually, the top CRM which empowers professionals in real estate, consulting, and other professional industries to build authentic relationships. Having founded Contactually in 2011, Zvi has led Contactually to $12M in venture backing, 75 employees, and tens of thousands of customers, including 8 of the top 20 real estate brokerages in the country. An engineer, a seasoned entrepreneur, developer, strategist and startup advisor, with unique both technical and non-technical operations. Four times named a Washingtonian Tech Titan, featured in the New York Times, The Washington Post, and Washington City Paper, Zvi was also a finalist for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Zvi is a passionate speaker and author whose writing has appeared in Forbes, Inc, Inman News, and many other outlets. He also hosts the Real Relationships podcast and has interviewed hundreds of leaders on how they built the relationships that moved their careers and businesses to the next level.